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Malia Locey comes from a long lineage of Hawaiian Kapunas. She is a hula dancer and massage therapist, specializing in traditional lomi lomi. She shares her healing touch at her grandmother's world renowned healing center, Auntie Angeline's in Anahola, Kauai. www.auntyangelines.com

Koa Kahili is a personal trainer teaching for the past 15 years. He specializes in outdoor experiential educational on Kauai, working as a tour guide for many years. Koa has a MA in Polynesian Art History from the University of Hawaii and was exhibition photographer for the Bishop Museum. When not surfing or exploring Kauai, Koa spends time with his wife and son. To see his amazing photos of Hawaii go to www.koakahili.com or www.photographicscreensavers.com

Yemaya Renuka Duby came to Kauai 4 years ago, after 15 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she studied and taught Dance, Yoga and Somatic Bodywork extensively. She ran her healing center Mana Luna Healing Arts for 7 of these years, before surrendering to the call of the Garden Island. She offers a Vinyasa Flow Class, in groups or private sessions, based on Hatha ~ Eight Limbs ~ and Ashtanga Yoga ~ Patthabi Jois style. Her classes focus on alignment, fluidity, strength building and grace. Passionate of the whole Yoga philosophy and life style, she also includes Pranayama, meditation, chanting and mudras in most of her classes. She also has refined her healing craft to create 2 hour bodywork sessions including the delicious hot stones treatment and lomi lomi. You can contact Yemaya at oceanma@onebox.com
Angeline Kaihalanaopuna Hopkins Locey is descended from both Hawai’ian and English ancestry. Her Kanaka Maoli heritage stems back to Keawe, the great grandfather of Kamehameha I, on her mother's side, and on her father's side she is descended from Anne Kahanu, who bore a son of Charles Hopkins, an English member of the Kamehameha III administration of the Hawai’ian Kingdom. For over the past 20 years her healing center “Mu’olaulani”:  (A place for young buds to bloom) has been a sanctuary for those seeking Hawaiian healing arts. Aunty's gift of Aloha; unconditional, non-sexual, loving touch “Lomi Pololei”. She dedicated her life to this work, developing her signature treatment of doing sea-salt/alaea clay body-scrub and tandem lomi lomi in the steam room. She also facilitates a 10 day Hawai’ian seawater “la'au lapa'au” cleansing retreat 4 times a year. Today, with her "ohana" (family), she embraces the "kuleana" of promoting, perpetuating , and protecting the essence of traditional Hawai’ian healing and artistic practices.www.auntyangelines.com  

Anthony "Prem" Carlisi began studying Ashtanga Yoga when Sri K. Pattabhi Jois came to California for a 6 month stay in 1978. The following year, he traveled to Mysore, India, where he completed the traditional Advanced A series (currently Advanced 3rd and 4th series) with Guruji. Prem was one of Guruji's original western students. In 1983, he initiated a 3-year course of study with Dr. Vasant Lad, the renowned Ayurvedic practitioner. He received his certification and continued on with clinical work. He also studied with Dr. David Frawley and Dr. Robert Svoboda. Prem is happy to share with you the research and insights into Ashtanga Yoga and Ayurveda that he has gained in 25 years teaching and daily personal practice. While traveling and teaching, it is his intention is to support the yoga shala and its teachers to inspire students to continue their practice in a safe, effective, and joyful manner. He believes that if you are not having fun, then you are not practicing correctly. Anthony has an excellent web site at www.ashtangaworld.com and has just written a new book about the spiritual memoirs of his life, "THE ONLY WAY OUT IS IN".

Chuck Blay is a geoscientist with a Ph.D. in geology from Indiana University. Prior to establishing residence on Kauai in 1995 he accumulated over 25 years of teaching, research and consulting as a sedimentary geologist, oceanographer, including 7 years as a university professor, 5 years in industry research and 14 years as an international consultant. During that time he taught professional short courses and conducted research on all the major continents. His first encounter with Kauai was in the late 70’s and in 1986 he walked the 111 miles of the island’s perimeter. Since the creation of TEOK (The Edge Of Kauai) Investigations in early 1996 his emphasis has been on the investigation of the integrated aspects of the natural environment of Kauai and the rest of the Hawaiian Islands. The book Kauai’s Geologic History: A Simplified Guide,coauthored with Robert Siemers, provides a comprehensive summary of the geologic origins of the Hawaiian Islands.


Al Duval has been teaching a synthesis of hatha, astanga, pranayama and prana asana yoga for the past 20 years. His most recent book, “The Sounds of No Hands Clapping: The Art of Self Sufficiency," has been channeled from Lord Ganesha. It is a book of spiritual guidance through mystic readings and can be viewed in its entirety on the internet. This is Al Duval’s 4th book on the translations of Eastern mythology, in the series “Expressions From the Body, Heart, Mind.” Al is also author of “Journey West", an instructional Yoga journal.

LEE JOSEPH, M.S., C.H., R.M.T., is the Director/Founder of the Pacific Center for Awareness & Bodywork on Kauai, Hawaii where he provides full certification courses and intensives in Bodywork, Presence Centered Awareness Therapy  and other modalities.  He has also helped start and develop nine other Health Institutes on the mainland.  Over the last 20 years he has been teaching, consulting, and providing private sessions in many locations in the U.S.  Lee integrates Awareness Oriented Bodywork with Psychology and Meditative Awareness Practices.  He loves transpersonal therapies and the wisdom traditions of both East and West.  He has traveled half way around the world for the opportunity to study and learn from many diverse sources.  His primary interests are the immediate experience of presence and love, and helping others to experience their own truth to live happier lives. www.awarenessandbodywork.com
CAROLE MADSEN, M.Ed., L.M.T. is Founder and former Director of the Healing Arts Center, massage school and clinic in St. Louis, MO.  She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance, a Masters Degree in Counseling, and post-graduate work in Dance Therapy (Naropa Institute), and Gestalt Therapy.  She is a Rebirthing Breathwork Therapist, trained with Sondra Ray and the LRT, a Movement Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Reiki practitioner, and Childbirth Doula.  She has been a licensed Massage Therapist and movement specialist for close to 30 years.  Her work both with individuals and groups, is designed to help increase awareness on all levels through the use of movement, touch and loving, emotional support.  Carole has two incredible sons and two amazing grandsons.  Through her gentle presence, she brings beauty, grace, and peace to all her classes. www.awarenessandbodywork.com


reiki master

Shalandra Abbey is often referred to as the Reiki Queen of Kauai. Since 1990 she has devoted her days to sharing Reiki Natural Healing treatments and training with the Garden Island Community. Visitors come to Kauai with a need to be healed physically, emotionally and spiritually, after a 12 hour training session they leave island with healing energy radiating from their hands and an ability to assist others to heal. Shalandra is a member of an international, professional organization of Reiki Masters called the Reiki Alliance. She organized and is managing the Reiki Volunteer Program at Kauai’s Wilcox Memorial Hospital. Her classes are approved for Continuing Education Credit for nurses and massage therapists. She teaches Keiki Reiki classes. Her youngest student was 5 years old and the oldest 95 years old.
To learn more you are invited to visit: www.reikikauai.com


Robert Siemers has a BA in Physical Geography and Environmental Conservation from the Universtiy of Colorado at Boulder. He is an avid adventurer on Kauai, exploring and mapping the island for the past 9 years, recently publishing an informative visitor atlas of Kauai. Rob is also co-author of "Kauai's Geologic History, a simplified guide". Rob helped create TEOK Investigations and Kauai Nature Tours on Kauai, lecturing and leading eco conscious tours. For more info go to www.teok.com



Anna Castle is a licensed massage therapist from the Pacific Center for Awareness & Bodywork, in Moloa'a Kauai. She is an avid mountain biker and runner who incorporates yoga into her daily exercise routine. Anna specializes in deep tissue therapy and sports massage. She approaches bodywork from a mind/body/spirit connection, treating the specific needs of each individual. Anna is also a trained chef specializing in vegan and vegetarian cuisine.

suzanna-realitycrafting Suzanna Kennedy, Sacred Union Facilitator, Reality Crafting. During her 18-year career in Detroit, MI, Suzanna was a highly respected business consultant, specializing in the design of corporate training programs. Everything changed overnight as she experienced a spontaneous quantum consciousness awakening. She moved to Kauai in 2000 and gave birth to a new spiritual technology called Sacred Union. In 2001 she called in her Sacred Union Partner, Casey. Sacred Union Technology™ facilitates the integration and union of your Inner Male/Inner Female, Ego/Spirit, Divinity/Physical Body and Sacred Union Relationships. Suzanna is the author of Sacred Union: A Journey to Joyful Living. She shares her technology through private sessions and intensives for individuals, couples and groups. She creates playshops customized to meet the needs of your group. Her playshop – Awakening The Goddess is a favorite for men and women visiting Kauai. Visit her website at www.realitycrafting.com




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